Subject Wise Program

Subject-Wise Program for Prelims & Mains

 Our comprehensive Subject-Wise Mastery program equips you with the knowledge and skills to conquer both Prelims and Mains with precision.

For Prelims
  • Holistic Coverage: Master all GS topics with NCERT-based foundation, current affairs integration, and in-depth subject analysis.
  • CSAT Conquered: Hone your reasoning and analytical abilities with dedicated CSAT preparation strategies and practice tests.
  • Test the Waters: Regular mock tests with detailed feedback simulate the Prelims experience and refine your exam-taking skills.
Mains Momentum
  • Expert-Led Tracks: Delve deeper into your chosen Optional subject with dedicated mentorship from renowned subject specialists.
  • GS Answer Writing Arsenal: Sharpen your answer writing skills through topic-specific workshops, personalized feedback, and model answer analysis.
  • Essay Excellence: Unleash your inner wordsmith with intensive essay writing practices, personalized topic guidance, and expert evaluation.
  • Current Affairs Integration: Explore the ever-evolving landscape of current affairs with daily updates, comprehensive analysis, and application in answer writing.

Program Features
  • Learn from the best minds in UPSC coaching, with proven track records and personalized guidance
  • Get access to meticulously curated notes and subject-wise booklets
  • Engage in dynamic classroom sessions and doubt-clearing sessions
  • Performance tracking through mock tests and personalized feedback
  • Experienced mentors for support and motivation

Table of Contents