GS Advanced - 1 Year

The best of Vimarsha IAS is made available here with the GS Foundation course. Starting from the very basic to the latest demand of UPSC CSE, this program has been designed to serve all the three stages of this exam in an integrated manner.

Starting from Prelims, the program nails down this most difficult stage with its masterful strategy.

This program begins with the very basic static part where you would be able to broadly define the undefined Prelims syllabus. Here the intervention of PYQ with the static will help you appreciate the all-important flow of Current Affairs which is laced in all the questions and options which you see in Prelims. This prepares you first to appreciate and then to go about current in a holistic manner. And, it is here that Vimarsha IAS Prelims Focus Zone (PFZ), a path-breaking program helps students to assimilate this very dynamic part of Prelims into their preparation.

Vimarsha IAS holds a unique distinction of helping students clear Prelims – both with GS and CSAT with competition-beating strike rate. For CSAT – the Over-Simplified approach of Vimarsha IAS has ushered students to a new learning approach, helping students qualify this paper most effortlessly.

As we approach Mains, you realize that you are already through with static part, a bit understanding of UPSC psyche, and prevalent current issues. So, it’s time to consolidate all your previous learning under DISHA (a comprehensive Test Series-cum-Answer Writing program), and Essay 3-i program (Interpretation, Ideas, and Implementation). Standing way ahead of the competition, you beat the UPSC Mains time constraint by a margin taking no stress to the exam hall.

For Interview, Vimarsha IAS has done the pioneering work by framing UPSC Interview Toolkits, which we recommend students to integrate from the very beginning of their preparation. This will help them to understand the demand of bureaucracy and build upon an approach in a very insightful manner. Legends are not born in a day, rather they are forged in fire. At Vimarsha IAS, we do it from day one.

Key Components of GS Advanced - Year Program:

Aspirants who are looking forward seriously to clear UPSC CSE in their first attempt should definitely take this program.

Yes, a student can extend the duration of her program.

This course is designed to run one full year as it will help you run through Prelims, Mains, and Interview stages.

Yes, both Test Series (Prelims and Mains) and Answer Writing are included under PFZ, Current Affairs, and DISHA.

  • Sufficient topic-wise practice and step-wise guidance to prepare aspirants to write a full-length paper effectively at the end of the subject module
  • Subject-wise evaluators for quality inputs
  • Relevant PYQs practice and quality analysis of the same to ensure UPSC demand is justified by the aspirant
  • Sufficient number of questions, micro-thematically, to address almost all the hot topics
  • A powerful integrated technological interface to ensure end-to-end learning in a timely manner
  • After coverage of basic conceptual classes, major focus will be on extensive revision of high-end low-hanging fruits such as Environment, Science & Tech, Economy, Mapping, and allied topics such as Agriculture, Energy, Social Justice & Welfare Schemes, as well as International Relations (IR).
  • Relating multi-dimensional aspects through special PYQs analysis classes and The Hindu/Indian Express.
  • Special sessions on paper solving techniques, psychological mapping, techniques to minimize mistakes, and how to correct maximum number of questions with minimum knowledge
  • A well-designed Prelims test series simulating last 10 years UPSC trend.
    • Part 1- Essay structuring and content creation classes integrated with LAST 10 YEARS ESSAY ANALYSIS

      The Essay 3-i program includes two parts:

    • Part 2- A WELL THOUGHT TEST SERIES including 6 tests with personalized feedback

Major focus of mentorship will be the areas where an aspirant need regular doubt clearance and feedback. So, mentorship role will be highly reflected in stages like PFZ, DISHA, CSAT, Current Affairs program, Essay 3-i, and Interview Guidance Program.

Vimarsha IAS takes pride in each and every facet of GS Foundation course. So we have selected the very best instructors and mentors for you.



History, Society, and Art & Culture

Ankur Nain and Shubham Shukla

Geography and Mapping

Akshay Sharma and Ajay Raj

Polity and Governance

Tejas Rajgor

Economy and Current Affairs

Ankur Nain

Environment and Science & Tech

Akshay Sharma


Varun Mehla and Ankur Nain


Satyanand Jha Vats and Manish Shokeen


Students are advised to go through Refund Policy carefully.

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Course Fees:

Rs 1,05,000 + GST (Offline)

Rs 90,000 + GST (Online)

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