Prelims Test Series

The Prelims Test Series has been carefully designed to elevate your preparation and boost your chances of success. It offers a comprehensive and strategic approach, combining current affairs, static concepts, and previous years’ questions to mirror the UPSC examination pattern. Each test is designed to enhance your problem-solving skills, time management, and accuracy. With detailed performance analysis and personalized feedback, our series ensures you identify your strengths and areas for improvement. 


  • Boost your confidence: Regular practice and expert feedback will equip you to face the actual exam with confidence.
  • Identify your weak areas: Targeted practice will help you address your shortcomings and focus on improvement.
  • Develop exam temperament: Learn to manage time effectively and write under pressure, crucial skills for exam success.
  • Stay motivated: The structured test schedule and regular feedback will keep you motivated throughout your preparation.

Our meticulously designed Test Series offers everything you need to excel in the competitive Prelims stage:

  • Exam-mimicking format:Experience the pressure and format of the actual UPSC Prelims with a vast pool of mock tests covering the entire GS syllabus.
  • In-depth analysis:Get detailed feedback on your performance to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. Our expert analysis will equip you with targeted strategies for maximizing your score.
  • Concept mastery:Reinforce your understanding of key concepts across all GS papers with well-researched questions and comprehensive answer discussions.
  • Time management mastery: Learn to manage time effectively – a crucial skill for success in the Prelims exam. Current affairs focus: Stay updated on the latest developments with dedicated sections on current events, ensuring you’re well-prepared for current affairs-based questions.

The best output of this test series will be produced when you are able to link it with your previous preparation effectively and by linking it with PYQs, common sense, and a dedicated mentorship.

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Fees: Rs 4,000 + GST

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