About Us

Wrapped in the learning ethos of this great nation is the corner stone of this civilization – VIMARSHA. This deeply ingrained psyche of debate and discussion continues to guide us from society to parliament to universities, and more importantly – in the way issues are looked upon and understood by individuals. It is not by chance that UPSC in its search for able administrators look for who have ability to capture and paint the true of the issues concerning the society in all its dimensions.

Under exam pressure, the stroke of your pen reveals the true self of you. As you unwrap the issues in the question, your pen reveals your social and intellectual construct. The usage of words, construct of sentences and approach to language reveals the mind; your deepest feelings and attitude. Not leaving anything to chance in this year-long exam, UPSC filters out it in three different phases.
Vimarsha IAS through its GS classroom program guide you through all the three stages of UPSC – CSE. Our unique teaching methodology motivates students to participate and discuss in a free and open environment. The discussion once triggered doesn’t end in classroom; rather it becomes a part of your attitude, overtime.

So while reading newspaper or analyzing data and facts, you apply yourself without becoming judgmental or getting drawn into some editorial judgment. Through our test series and answer writing program, we make sure that facets of you are carved in stone. With all this, UPSC becomes just another exam. So, rather than you chasing success, success finds you.