Mains Answer-Writing 500+ Triple-M (MAW 500+)

At Vimarsha, our MAW 500+ program provides a year-long opportunity for practicing answer writing, complete with assessments, revisions, and simulator tests. We understand the significance of proper format and high-quality questions, ensuring that students hone robust answer writing skills through this program. MAW 500+ participants get rub-off of Advanced Mains Preparation featuring online/offline classes led by expert faculties. Our mentors diligently review assignments, assessments, and tests, and offer customized valuable suggestions for improvement.

Challenges in Answer Writing Practice
Solutions Offered by Vimarsha
Lack of consistent year-long practice in answer writingMAW 500+ is a one-stop solution that, when followed with discipline, transforms into a routine fostering continuous communication between your mental and muscle memory. This enables the development of a writing skill-set that is on par with the best in the competition.
Struggle with the correct format and writing quality answers to questionsGain access to the expertise of the best writers, authors, and journalists, acquiring cutting-edge writing skills to beat the best in the competition.
Limited quality resources for Mains preparationWhat constitutes a quality resource for students vis-à-vis Mains preparation is its ability to capture and reflect upon the knowledge of the students. In the process, it marks upon the functionality of the knowledge so acquired through the skill-set of structuring thought, opening or introducing a topic, comprehensively integrating various dimensions through flow of words, and concluding it with an impactful insight.
Ineffective assessment and improvement mechanismsAt the heart of this program is the quality assessment that it offers, mapped with the learning mechanisms required to excel in this exam. The learning mechanisms implies the ability of UPSC CSE aspirants to write a clean copy conveying the desired knowledge effectively.
Difficulty in receiving constructive feedback for improvementFor someone to provide constructive feedback, it is fundamentally possible for a mentor to know the learning challenges of a student. Vimarsha IAS provides customized individual feedback where the faculties have to mandatorily spend quality time with the students.
ProgramBatchStarting FromTimingFee Link
MAW 500+ Program for UPSC CSE 2024
Batch 115th April, 20241.30 PM to 4.30 PMRs 8,000 + GSTBuy

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