Essay & Ethics Triple-M

Essay and Ethics are the two categories which test the core of a candidate with regard to an individual’s perception of reality, presentation of thoughts, a grip over language, value judgment, and most importantly the leadership traits expressed through the flow of innovative ideas.

These variables invariably get intertwined into your sentences that you write. In simple words, it means to fit into the system and weave in a social fabric in tune with the challenges that come as a part and parcel of your role as an administrator.

At Vimarsha IAS, you will experience the very best as each and every elements of Essay and Ethics mentioned above are dealt with in a structured approach, customized to the individual students through Triple-M approach.

How Vimarsha IAS Unravels the Essay & Ethics Mess
Challenges faced by Aspirants
Solutions Offered by Essay & Ethics Triple-M
Understanding of Ethical TheoriesWe approach it through practical examples and real-world applications where students are able to relate to the theories and principles in their day-to-day life.
Application of Ethics in GovernanceThe specialized classes at Vimarsha IAS include case studies, practical simulations, and interactive sessions, ensuring a holistic and practical understanding of ethical principles.
Appreciation of values of Public ServiceCultivating the understanding of the importance of public service and the associated values is at the heart of preparation for UPSC CSE. At Vimarsha IAS, we help you appreciate these values whereby you develop an eye for details when it comes to public service.
Moral Dilemmas and Decision-Making challengeThese challenges are best understood by emphasizing real-world case studies, value frameworks, and ethical reasoning exercises. This helps students in adopting a nuanced and principled approach while navigating complex situational questions.
Connecting Ethics and LeadershipAt Vimarsha IAS, we pair aspirants with experienced faculties, where case studies from ethical leadership offer valuable insights and guidance for integrating ethical considerations into effective leadership practices.
Integrity and AptitudeThis a function of developing emotional intelligence, which at Vimarsha IAS is dealt in through very specialized classes, combining theory, worksheets, and one-on-one discussion.
Case Studies DiscussionsWe offer interactive sessions that encourage problem-solving while developing analytical skills essential for tackling diverse scenarios asked in the UPSC CSE.
Current Affairs and EthicsThe dynamic curriculum required in UPSC CSE preparation calls for amalgamating daily news analysis with ethical considerations. This ensures aspirants develop a nuanced understanding of the contemporary issues in alignment with ethical principles.
ProgramBatchStarting FromTimingFee Link
Essay & Ethics Triple-M Program for UPSC CSE 2024
Batch 115th April, 20241.30 PM to 4.30 PMRs 8,000 + GSTBuy

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