CSAT Triple-M

CSAT Triple-M incorporates regular CSAT topic-wise, mixed topic-wise, and full-length coverage of entire UPSC CSE syllabus, as well as simulator tests alongside. Online/offline CSAT refresher classes ensure students stay updated with the latest exam trends, optimizing question-solving skills. The focus is on providing ample opportunities for students to test and enhance their CSAT proficiency.

Challenges in CSAT Preparation
Solutions Offered by CSAT Triple-M
Lack of regular practice and doubt-clearing opportunities for CSATThe program comprehensively addresses this challenge and goes a step further by tailoring it to the individual aspirant’s requirements.
Incomplete coverage of CSAT syllabus in practice testsThe preparation for CSAT is highly subjective. The trends amongst the aspirants is to have a very personalized strategy. However, it is suggested for aspirants to have a 360° approach of Vimarsha IAS covering every possible dimension of this paper.
Difficulty in keeping up with the latest CSAT trends and patternsDifficulty comes when you skip the basics and directly hit the advanced level. So start with the very elementary. Give time and get comfortable, and then try to catch on and ride the ongoing trend.
Insufficient emphasis on honing question-solving skills for CSATMastering the CSAT demands a versatile skill set encompassing data interpretation, mental sharpness, interpersonal subtlety, linguistic proficiency, and more. This intricate blend is cultivated through dedicated mentorship, placing skill-set enhancement at the core of this program.
ProgramBatchStarting FromTimingFee Link
CSAT Triple-M Program for UPSC CSE 2024
Batch 115th April, 20241.30 PM to 4.30 PMRs 8,000 + GSTBuy

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