India Plans Comprehensive Border Fencing with Myanmar

The unique Free Movement Regime (FMR), allowing residents of certain border tribes to travel 16 km across India and Myanmar without visas, ceases to be in effect from January 25th, 2024, as announced by the Indian government.

Background of FMR

Initiated in 2018 under India’s Act East policy, FMR aimed at fostering cross-border ties among ethnic communities with historical connections, facilitating informal travel for tribes like Mizos, Kukis, and Chins.

Reasons for Termination of FMR

Citing national security concerns, the Indian government alleges misuse by insurgents and cross-border criminal activities such as drug trafficking. Worries about illegal immigration from Myanmar further contribute to the decision.

Potential Consequences

The termination of FMR is poised to impact livelihoods and disrupt social ties within border communities. Challenges in accessing healthcare, education, and family connections across borders are expected to rise.

Security Implications and Debates

The decision’s security implications are under intense debate. While some fear increased tensions with Myanmar, others see it as a necessary step to strengthen border control. Ongoing discussions and negotiations between India and Myanmar will determine future border management and potential alternative arrangements.

Current Status

Effective from January 25th, 2024, the FMR is officially terminated. The decision marks a significant shift in the dynamics of cross-border interactions between India and Myanmar.


As India takes this decisive step, the consequences on both socio-economic ties and regional security are subjects of considerable concern. Ongoing negotiations with Myanmar will play a crucial role in shaping the future of border management and relations between the two nations. This development holds significance for border communities and has broader implications for the region.

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