Interview Guidance Program UPSC CSE 2023

No success is forever and no failure is final. Life is about journey as its experiences shape you to evolve. The path that you follow matters more than the cause you aspire.

So, if you have reached thus far, there is no looking back, only forward. As you ride the tide of time through its ups and downs at this early stage of your life, you have traversed and touched upon the limits of the conscience space that we define as information, knowledge, and understanding of the perceived reality. You know that in your sub-conscious and deep conscious lies the confidence and humility to see you through this stage by just being honest to yourself.

It’s time to revisit your journey lived through thus far and dig deep into your experiences, events, and people who have been with you in your mind and your heart.

This workbook rather a white canvas of you is a unique attempt to paint your conscious and the sub-conscious, and figure out the ‘one thread’ that gives meaning to the cause.

So, as you start visualizing through the blank spaces of this workbook and start painting it with the stroke of your pen, the dance of the words and the rhythm of the space structures you and your thought process in unison.

By the time you have completed this workbook, you know who you are, what you stand for, what the highs and the lows of time are, and most importantly the emotional evolution of you. The elusive ‘one thread’ is now bright and clear.

Equipped with the confidence and the vocabulary of ‘making of you’, now you are all set to write the preface of you — the last page of this workbook and the first page of your preparation to interview.

From here on you know no success will overwhelm you and no failure will discourage you.

The fear and the stress are no more, and you have arrived to give the best of you at this momentous occasion of your life.

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