GS + CSAT Prelims + Mains Foundation Program

Vimarsha IAS presents a comprehensive UPSC CSE GS + CSAT Prelims + Mains Foundation program. It ensures a thorough preparation guided by dynamic mentors through its courses, available both in online and offline formats. This all-inclusive program covers NCERTs, strategy sessions, doubt clearing sessions, test series, and mentorship for a robust foundation. By integrating regular current affairs analysis, the program focuses on enhancing Prelims build up as well as answer writing skills. With structured modules, in-depth discussions, comprehensive note making, and unique teaching methodology, Vimarsha IAS offers a 360° toolkit to crack UPSC CSE Prelims.

While doing so, the institute also makes sure that you start working on the language and writing skills from day one. This process not only ensures presentation skills but also cultivates the critical thinking ability, which confirms that your common sense keeps going on in a pressure cooker situation of the exam hall. Remember, preparing for this exam is a long-run process which emotionally churns you as it tests your knowledge, understanding, and application of thought process.

At Vimarsha IAS, we make sure that our students stay motivated and spirited, as they say the tough gets going when the going gets tough.

Challenges Aspirants Come Across  Solutions Offered by Vimarsha IAS 
Lack of integrated approach to Prelims and Mains preparation While Prelims tests your objective knowledge, the Mains tests your subjective knowledge. Objective knowledge is a function of application and the systematic synthesis of information, fostering a comprehensive understanding of concepts and their real-world implications.

While Mains is a subjective test of knowledge, demanding proficient writing skills that include the ability to effectively structure thoughts and present them within a specified time and space.

At Vimarsha, this program offers an integrated study plan that seamlessly aligns the content, practice, and strategies for both stages, fostering a comprehensive and efficient exam preparation.

Insufficient practice for Prelims, especially in CSAT Dedicated practice sessions, incorporating regular mock tests and focused drills to enhance expertise in quantitative and reasoning skills.
Irregular practice leading to knowledge gaps Irregularity is human as we are not machines. However, disciplined environment of Vimarsha IAS classroom programs minimizes these behavioural fluctuations and maintains your emotional level. This helps in mitigating the knowledge gaps and gives you the confidence required to take on the challenge of UPSC CSE.
Limited assessment opportunities for each section A chain is as strong as its weakest link. At Vimarsha IAS, we ensure diverse practice materials, regular sectional tests and assessment to have a 360° build up.
Incomplete coverage of current affairs Current Affairs preparation is at the heart of UPSC CSE today. Keeping this in mind, we have the very best from the news industry taking you through this UPSC challenge.
Need for additional study materials and enrichment Every subject has its own terminology, and its own learning framework. At Vimarsha, we make sure that you not only get the relevant enrichment material but also designed and delivered in an easy-to-digest manner.
Inadequate practice for Mains, including Essay writing Writing is the connecting string that links you to the competition. It starts with your note preparation, newspaper analysis, vocabulary enrichment, application through test series, and most importantly gets customized through the Triple-M program at Vimarsha.

This personalized touch imbibes the critical writing skills for Mains, including Essay writing.

Lack of focused classes for CSAT CSAT requires a very different approach as compared to GS paper in Prelims. While practice remains primarily for both the papers, CSAT requires targeted sessions, personalized feedback, and structured study modules, ensuring a customized strategic approach. At Vimarsha, the very best engineering minds help you breeze through this challenge.
Weak foundation due to insufficient understanding of NCERTs NCERTs are like the ‘Panchtantra’ stories. Every time you read them, they will give you a new face of reality. Given this fact, NCERT needs to be given due respect and time. We, at Vimarsha IAS, help you match and map your understanding to the requirements of UPSC, where NCERT becomes the baseline.
Unresolved doubts hindering progress Doubts are a must when it comes to covering and integrating the entire syllabus of UPSC CSE. To not have doubts means your preparation is not in the right direction.

At Vimarsha, we have an integrated approach because it is one exam, one preparation, and one you. Now to leave any of these doubts unresolved can lead to serious deficiencies in your conceptual build up as well as your confidence going into the exam.

This program makes sure that you have a dedicated communication channel with the faculties and the mentors for not only doubt clearing but also in tackling various other psychological aspects of preparation.

Insufficient backup and revision resources Comprehensive note-making, current affairs mapping, and short notes preparation are all integral part of this program.
Unorganized study materials and unclear subject sequences Unlike the prevailing trend, in the UPSC preparation, in the coaching and content space, where half a dozen faculties take a diametrically different approach from one another in covering the syllabus, we at Vimarsha IAS go the other way round.

Here it is done on the basis of the thought process required to tackle different subjects like Geography, Environment, Science & Technology, and IR from one pack, whereas History, Culture, and Society, forms the other, and likewise there are other segmentations.

Outdated teaching curriculum not aligned with the latest pattern The unique teaching methodology of Vimarsha IAS is in complete alignment to capture the prevailing trends in Prelims, Mains, and Interview. We, in fact, go a step ahead by offering strategically important toolkits/workbooks while leaving no stone unturned in covering and helping you grasp the syllabus.



Program Batch Starting From Timing Fee Link
GS + CSAT Prelims + Mains Foundation for UPSC CSE 2024
Batch 1 20th April, 2024 1.30 PM to 4.30 PM Rs 1,40,000 + GST Buy

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