Postal Study Program

GS Prelims-cum-Mains + CSAT Postal Study Program

The GS Prelims-cum-Mains + CSAT Postal Study Program of Vimarsha IAS stands as a beacon for those UPSC CSE aspirants who live in far-flung regions, or due to various reasons, cannot attend regular classroom programs. The hallmark of this program is its comprehensive, compact, effective, and error-free study material, meticulously crafted to cater to the dynamic nature of the UPSC Civil Services Examination.

What sets this postal study material apart is its innovative and engaging presentation. Authored by experienced faculties in collaboration with Vimarsha IAS’s research and development team, the material employs infographics, flow charts, and images for better understanding. This visual approach ensures that students can relate to the content through visualization, making the learning process more interesting and accessible.

The well-structured and innovative pedagogy adopted in this postal study program aligns with the UPSC syllabus and standards. The study material, designed for both Preliminary and Main Examinations, is analytical and comprehensive. It undergoes regular revisions to stay abreast of the latest UPSC CSE exam trends. This dynamic feature ensures that aspirants are well-equipped with the most relevant and up-to-date information.

Program Features: 
  • Comprehensive, compact, and error-free study material
  • Innovative and engaging content presentation using infographics, flow charts, and images
  • Authored by experienced faculties
  • Aligned with the latest UPSC CSE syllabus
  • Well-structured and innovative pedagogy for target-oriented results
  • Study material caters to both Preliminary and Main Examinations
  • Regular revisions to incorporate the latest developments and trends
  • Visual approach to make the learning process interesting
  • Relevant and up-to-date information for effective preparation

Table of Contents